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Floor Plan

The Formosa Plastics Group Museum is located within the Chang Gung University campus and was officially opened to the public in 2004. It serves as a place for ‘acquiring new knowledge and getting close to nature’ in Taoyuan. The museum has a total exhibition area of over 6000 square meters, spanning six floors above ground and one basement level. Admission to the museum is free. The main exhibits of the museum focus on the entrepreneurial struggles and achievements of the two founders, Mr. Yung-Ching Wang, and his younger brother - Mr. Yung-Tsai Wang. They also showcase the development history of the Formosa Plastics Group and related industry knowledge. 

Visitors to the museum can also explore the Chang Gung University campus, known for its distinctive architecture and as a filming location for music videos by famous singers. The Frog Lake and Zhiqing Lake in front of the museum provide opportunities to admire swans and feeding fish, making it a great place for fun family activities. 

The museum's exhibits are organized as follows:
-1st Floor: Corporate Image of the F.P.G
-2nd Floor: History of the Growth of the F.P.G
-3rd Floor: Exhibition of Plastics and Fibre 
-4th Floor: Exhibition of Energy and Electronics Industry 
-5th Floor: Exhibition of Diversified Development 
-6th Floor: Exhibition of Social Responsibility
-B1 Floor: Briefing room & Kauri Experience Area, Activity Center, Museum Store